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Ahsoka Is The New Star Wars Series Coming To Disney+ Starring Rosario Dawson

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OMG! I am so dang excited you guys!

First off, if you haven’t see The Mandalorian this season, you need to watch it.

Aside from Baby Yoda and Mando, Ahsoka famously known from the animated Star Wars Clone Wars series made her way into The Mandalorian and now, Disney+ is giving her her own series!!


Disney+ just confirmed the series when they posted on Facebook saying:

“Ahsoka, a new Original Series, starring Rosario Dawson and set within the timeline of #TheMandalorian, is coming to Disney+.”


Disney also revealed the news Thursday during an investor presentation, where the company also announced its plans for upcoming movie releases — both theatrical and streaming on Disney Plus.


Isn’t this exciting?!

Ahsoka is a super cool character and I am excited to see more from her!

That is all we know as of right now but as soon as we know more, we will update you!


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