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Move Over Cheese Boards, Halloween Candy Boards Are The New Trend For Fall

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Food boards are all the rage! Have you tried any of them??

We have previously brought you a charcuterie board, a french fries board, the pancake board, waffle boards, S’mores boards (YUM!!), and even birthday boards.


Now we bring you — wait for it — HALLOWEEN BOARDS!!!

Gah! I absolutely love this idea!!


These boards can be full of healthy foods, foods made for kids, treats made for adults, or even boards full of not-so-healthy fare.


There is only one rule — the theme must be that of Halloween!!


The sky’s the absolute limit on these boards!! There are so, so, so many options. Cookies? Yes!! Cheese? Yes!! Nuts? Yes!! Jellies? Yes!! Candy? Yes!!


You can decorate your board, making it Halloween themed, but adding spooky cookies, putting trinkets you get at the party store in between the foods, or making the food to look like body parts. Just have fun with it!


As long as you can pick it up with your fingers, a toothpick, or a small spoon, you can add it to your board. Heck, if you want to add something you have to spread with a knife — go for it!


Don’t these look fiendishly fantastic?? Like, I want to make them all!!


You could totally make these for a fun party, a family get-together, or just because it’s Tuesday night.


I have one rule here — well, one rule BESIDES the Halloween rule. I have to see all the pictures you take of YOUR cool Halloween boards!


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