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People Are Just Finding Out That Snowflakes Look Exactly How You Think and They Are Losing Their Minds

I had no idea that there were people that have never seen what an actual individual snowflake looks like.

Did you know that there are many types of snowflakes too?

There is no exact number of different types of snowflakes, but science has focused on 35 different types and they are all very different.

It can be hard to see with the naked eye as you watch the snow falling from the sky, you need to catch some individual flakes to really see the beauty of the ice crystal formations.

There is a TikTok video that shows a great way to view these beauties in a way that many have not.

As a photographer I am always trying to get the perfect shots of individual snowflakes, nature truly is an artist.

But have you ever taken the time to really look and see what they actually look like up close?

You’ll want to get something dark, in the TikTok video, they used a black scarf and allowed the falling snow to drop a few flakes on it.

camera_bro – TikTok

Then using their phone’s camera, they used the macro setting to zoom in to clearly see the individual crystals.

May sound crazy.. but I never thought snow flake actually looked like that

TUFF – TikTok user
camera_bro – TikTok

The people in the comments were shocked and amazed and that’s when I realized that so many people have no idea what an actual snowflake looks like.


ƚαɳყα⟭⟬♡⁷ – TikTok user

Yes, they really do look like that!

Wth I always thought snow was just a little ball 😅

Lul Baaby Brii 🤩👑 – TikTok user

Only when you compress the individual flakes together…

oooooomg! do snow flakes actually have this shape??!!😳 i thought that was only for sketching! wow!

Ioanna Liasidou – TikTok user

This is just a small sampling of the comments left on the TikTok post, like what are they teaching y’all in school these days that you didn’t know snowflakes looked like this?

You can watch the whole TikTok video by camera_bro here and be sure to check out the comments too!

camera_bro – TikTok