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Um, What… Did Spider-Man: No Way Home Just Get Spoiled?

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I have been SO stoked for the newest Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, as I’m sure most have! But everyone has been wondering who all is going to be in the movie…

The biggest question has been if all Spider-Mans are returning…which would be AMAZING! Everyone has been crossing their fingers waiting for an answer…

With the original movie from the original movie returning, it was assumed that Tobey Maguire would be returning, along with possibly Andrew Garfield. But they keep consistently denying it…

But thanks to an official promotional art based in Indonesia, there’s a good chance the answer has already been leaked.

Considering this is official promotional art for the movie, and it features all three Spider-Man characters, it just may have leaked us the info we’ve been craving. We’ll know for sure next week though!

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