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You Can Get Ghostbusters Slimer Pathway Lights To Add Something Strange To Your Neighborhood!

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I can not think of a better way to guide trick-or-treaters and other visitors to your door this Halloween season!

These Slimer Halloween pathway lights are perfect and add a little something strange to the neighborhood!

Slimer (also known as Onionhead , Little Spud, or The Green Ghost) was a ghost made up of pure Ectoplasm and the first ghost successfully captured by the Ghostbusters. Slimer is well known for his gigantic appetite and the slime he leaves behind when he passes through solid objects.

Ghostbusters Fandom
Spirit Halloween

The lights are officially licensed Slimer pathway lights and any Ghostbuster fan would love to have them.

I can’t think of a person that wouldn’t get a kick out of seeing Slimer leading the way to the door, he’s such an adorable pain in the butt!

Spirit Halloween

They run on batteries, so there are no wires to run or plugs to plug in, the lights are powered by 3 AA batteries that are included with your purchase.

The lights measure 11.5 inches x 6 inches and are on a 4.5 feet long wire strand.

Spirit Halloween

There are 3 lights per set so you may want to get a few sets if you have a long pathway area to light up.

These Ghostbuster Slimer pathway lights are available exclusively at Spirit Halloween.

Spirit Halloween

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