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You Can Now Get an Oreo Stool That Looks Exactly Like A Stack of Oreo Cookies

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The once iconic strawberry stool that the internet obsessed over has now been replaced with a new food group.

What’s been aptly dubbed the Oreo stool over social media, this stool was clearly designed by the chocolate cookie we all know and devour!

The stool which is currently trending on TikTok, it’s clear that the strawberry has officially been ranked second to the Oreo stool, because who doesn’t want a stool that looks like a cookie we constantly crave?

And clearly, there’s a trend for stools to look like the food we eat.

Courtesy of @pinkhomegoods

Remember the corn on the cob stool, the lime, the lemon, an orange, and now, the Oreo!

It’s about time we had a stool that was designed like a dessert.

And as you may have already guessed, this giant stool is shaped exactly like a stack of Oreo cookies.

So prepare for this Oreo cookie stool to be a staple in your living room.

Courtesy of @pinkhomegoods

In fact, this stool piles on several Oreo cookies in its design and even has similar markings engraved on top of the chocolate halve.

And yes, you can also count on the signature white creme that’s stuffed in the middle of the three Oreo cookies piled high on this life-sized stool!

Courtesy of @brookieeeeee5

Not to mention this Oreo stool was only recently discovered, so there may still be time to grab yours if you want one.

TikTokers have documented snagging the giant Oreo in stores and it looks like finding this piece of furniture may be even harder than the strawberry stool.

Courtesy of @beccathemaximalist

@brookieeeeee5 mentioned in a video that it took her around a year to find the strawberry and only most recently was able to snatch up the stool.

Coincidentally, after catching the strawberry in one aisle, she was also able to find the Oreo on the same day!

Courtesy of @brookieeeeee5

Another TikToker @beccathemaximalist spent all morning trying to find the popular Oreo and even called 30 separate locations to see if it was in stock until finally, there was one store that did!

Oreo stool = secured.

Courtesy of @beccathemaximalist

So the moral of the story is if you want to snag this Oreo cookie as a seat for guests in your home, you may want to start searching the aisles of HomeGoods asap.

You can currently find the gigantic Oreo stool in stores at HomeGoods nationwide!

Courtesy of @brookieeeeee5

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