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You Have Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s How To Do It The Easy Way.

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Kitchen gadgets. They exist to make our lives easier, and I love them!!

Give me all the kitchen gadgets.

Garlic press? Yes, please. Hot dog slicer? I’ll take it. Chopped salad scissors? Couldn’t live without a pair.

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There’s one kitchen gadget that we all have in our kitchen, but we’ve been using it wrong this whole time.

What am I talking about?

The potato peeler.


It seems pretty basic, right?

You run the blade over the potato, and the peel flies off.

In fact, you can really get in a rhythm. Run the peeler over the potato, lift the peeler, run it back over the potato, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Only, this is the wrong way to do it.

Wait. I’m about to blow your mind.

You know how the blade swivels back and forth? Have you ever wondered why it does that?

That little design is because the potato peeler is multi directional.

What do I mean?

You can switch forward and backward motion without ever lifting the peeler from the potato.


Sure, some people will say that the peeler swivels so you can use it left-handed or right-handed.

This may be true, you can switch hands with ease.

But, you can also switch direction when peeling, and I’m never using it the other way ever again!

You know what else. Peeling a potato in this way also saves your fingers in a big way.

Have you ever got in a peeling rhythm — faster and faster — and then accidentally shaved your skin off?

I may or may not do this all the time. I’m slightly scared of my potato peeler. LOL!!

Using it the multi-directional way, there is literally zero chance you will slice your fingers.

The peeler never leaves the potato.

To see this peeling technique in action, you can go HERE.

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