This Giant Inflatable Ring Toss Game Is Over 5 Feet Tall And It’s Perfect For Your Next Pool Party

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We all know the saying, the bigger the better, right? Well, this pool inflatable by Swimline, perfectly depicts that quote!

I’ve always been a fan of games that require some talent in the wrist, such as ring toss, horseshoe, corn hole, etc.

It’s all in the wrist for a successful game. As soon as you can train your brain to memorize the correct muscle movement in your swing, you’ll never miss a shot again!

Swimline went the extra mile and took the commonly well know ring toss game and maximized its width, height and length. Seriously, the pool float is incredibly large!

The target bouy is over 5 feet high including 5, very large, inflatable rings.

Courtesy of Amazon

The rings are so big, that they can be used as a regular pool float. It’s perfect for when your arms are tired from tossing and you prefer to relax a bit.

The rings are also numbered for a friendly, competitive game and to keep score of course!

Courtesy of Amazon

This enormous rainbow colored ring toss game can be purchased on Amazon for $42. I must say, it looks incredibly intriguing to play this game all day long in the sun and with some friends.

Considering the height of this thing, I’ll need to practice my swing to reach the tippy top!


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