Target is Selling Scrunchie Style Boxes For The VSCO Girl on Your Holiday List

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As the holidays near you are making your list and checking it twice for all those people you need to buy for. What about the VSCO girl your life?

Well, Target has you covered because they are Selling Scrunchie Style Boxes For The VSCO Girl on Your Holiday List!

The Scrunchie Style boxes are Target exclusives and come in two different offerings.

The first one comes with 8 different Scrunchies with a red sequin option.

The second set comes with the same 8 varieties but with a gold sequin option.

What’s better than a big bunch of scünci original scrunchies? Nothing! This collection of eight scrunchies comes in a variety of colors including purple, navy, black, cream, burgundy and denim. Because holiday time is party time, scünci includes a shiny silver scrunchie and a silver one with lurex to catch the candlelight!

Both of these sets are the perfect gift for any VSCO Girl and only cost $9.99 so very affordable too! You can get them here.

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  1. Do you know if anyone or anywhere that has one set for sale? I’m looking for just one set so that my daughter can match her friends. Please let me know if you know of anyone or anywhere.