You Can Get A Dog Onesie to Help Prevent Shedding Around Your Home

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I love my dog. There is no doubt about that. His loving and playful spirit makes even the most dreary days happy.

I do NOT, however, love how much he sheds. I mean, it’s on the beds, on the furniture, on the clothes, and don’t even get me started on cleaning dog hair out of the washer and dryer. Ugh!
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I am getting him one of these TODAY. The Shed Defender is a doggie onesie that prevents all the unwanted fur all over everything.

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It comes in four awesome colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and Red. It also comes in EIGHT sizes ranging from mini (4-8 pounds) up to XXL (up to 140 pounds).

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Not only is it excellent for shedding, it’s snug design gives a calming effect to the dog, helping with doggie anxiety — Thank GOD!

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My first thought was, “Right, like I’m going to be able to get that thing on my dog.” But, it’s actually quite easy. It has a zipper on the bottom, so you just fit it on and zip it up!

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This Shed Defender has other great benefits as well. It can cover up sensitive areas — like surgical stitches — that you don’t want your pup gnawing on or licking. No more need for that cone of shame!

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“The ultra-premium fabric is a blend of recycled polyester (made out of recycled plastic bottles) and spandex that we developed called Shed-Tex. The fabric is extremely lightweight, breathable and super stretchy to allow full mobility for your dog and will keep them cool and comfortable.”

Shed Defender

It can even help control unwanted pests on your dog’s body and help prevent stickers and those painful burrs that get all mangled in their fur.

Snow and rainy season? No more wet, matted dog from head to toe. The Shed Defender keeps them so much more clean!

You can get your Shed Defender on Amazon. Maybe even pick up one of each color!!

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