Girl Scouts Are Introducing A New Caramel Cookie and I’m So Excited

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Girl Scouts are adding more cookies to the cookie jar.

Considering one of Girl Scouts favorite cookies from the public feature caramel, the troop is adding yet another cookie that adds the same famous caramel flavor!

Courtesy of Girl Scouts

Introducing their newest cookie, Adventurefuls; this recipe includes brownie additions baked with caramel-flavored crème, and a hint of sea salt. 

Courtesy of Girl Scouts

Talk about sweet, then salty.

Courtesy of Girl Scouts

The new cookie has a bottom brownie layer with surrounding sides of the same brownie batter, a center of caramel créme, sea salt and what looks like a drizzling of chocolate on the top.

Courtesy of @lemonbabydotco

Girl Scouts are releasing the cookie in exactly 146 days which means we can expect the sweet treat early next year, and what better way to cheers into 2022 with none other than two glasses of milk clinking and the new caramel créme flavored cookie!

Courtesy of @lemonbabydotco

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