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You Can Get Tiny Bras For Your Chickens That Are Not Only Fashionable, But They Can Also Save A Chickens Life

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The chicken bra is also known as a crop supporter.

AptosBeach – Etsy

The reason it was designed and made was to help chickens that have a pendulous crop.

AptosBeach – Etsy

A pendulous crop is a condition that happens when the crop gets blocked and the food stretches it and it hangs down lower than it should.

Alexis Parent – Etsy Reviewer

As more food get’s stuck in the crop, more damage happens and it can become a deadly condition for your chicken.

Deirdre Peyton – Etsy Reveiwer

The chicken bra helps support the crop so that the chicken can properly eat and digest food.

David Perry – Etsy Reviewer

Fashionable and Life-Saving

This can be life-saving for a chicken with a pendulous crop and is something that you would have them wear most of the time.

Janine – Etsy Reviewer

Removing the support for an hour or two on weekends is necessary so that your chicken can groom herself fully.

Elyse Gutierrez – Etsy Reviewer

So incredibly impressed with the fast shipping! It was a life or death matter with my poor hen, Dusty, who has a pendulous crop.. getting this bra was her last chance at life and this bra was a miracle!! She was near death, nothing was working to make her crop go down but this did!! It took her about a day to get used to it but she has so much pep in her step now. She’s a whole new chicken! I’m so happy with this product. Thank you so much for the fast delivery and the quality product! The sloth print is adorable!

Elyse Gutierrez – Etsy Reviewer
Griciai . – Etsy Reviewer

You’ll want to make sure you get a few so that you can have one to put on while you wash the other.

Amy Wirges – Etsy Reviewer

It’s fairly easy to put on and you don’t have to pull the wings through.

Heather Moghaddam – Etsy Reveiwer

Just pull it over the chicken’s head and then Velcro over the back so that they can’t peck at the fastening.

Stubbs1106 – Etsy Reviewer

You can buy your own chicken bra from AptosBeach on Etsy!

Tessa Medeiros – Etsy Reviewer

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