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You Can Get Chicken Diapers For The Person That Loves To Bring Their Chickens Inside

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There was a time that I had 60-ish chickens, yeah… I had a lot of chickens!

From time to time I would bring some inside, usually due to injuries or being ill, sometimes simply just to hang out.

I had one chicken named Phoebe that was my absolute favorite chicken ever and I would bring her inside the house often.

She was pretty good about not pooping everywhere, but I sure would have loved to have some chicken diapers back then!

PamperYourPoultry – Etsy
The chicken diapers come in 5 different sizes!
PamperYourPoultry – Etsy
  • Extra Small- Very Small Bantams such as Old English hens and Seramas
  • Small- Perfect for Belgian Bantams, Old English Bantam Roosters, D’Uccles, Sebright Bantams Bantam Silkies & other small bantams
  • Medium- Ideal for Standard Silkies, Polish, Bantam Cochin, and other smaller egg layers
  • Large- The choice for smaller roosters and standard egg layers such as Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggers, and Barred Rock
  • Extra Large- For English Orpingtons, Standard Cochins, or Standard Roosters
Heidi Muscat – Etsy

Feel like taking your chicken out to see the world?

Tulsa – Etsy

You can take them to pet-friendly stores like Tractor Supply and even pet stores and wearing a diaper will make sure there are no messes.

Christen Crews – Etsy

The diapers are made using imported, high-quality fabrics and they are lined with water-resistant sport nylon.

ShanDaly – Etsy

Just simply place a folded paper towel inside the pouch of the diaper and change it as needed.

Angie Clark – Etsy Reviewer

They’re machine washable for easy cleaning up too!

You can buy your own chicken diapers from PamperYourPoultry on Etsy!

Kristin Richter – Etsy

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