Robin Sparkles Sings A Quarantine Version Of ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’ And It’s Epic

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I miss those nights of watching the stellar show that was How I Met Your Mother. I just have to pretend that finale never happened.

My FAVORITE thing to EVER happen in the show is when we found out Robin is secretly Robin Sparkles — from Canadian pop singer fame.


And, then we were blessed with the EPIC song that was and is, “Let’s Go To The Mall.”


It is true greatness that rivals the likes of “Smelly Cat” from Friend’s.


NOW, Robin Scherbatsky herself, Cobie Smulders, has come back from Robin Sparkles retirement to bring us a version of “Let’s Go To The Mall,” but it’s the quarantine edition!

Courtesy of Cobie Smulders on Instagram

Y’all. It is PERFECT!! It is actually written by the creator of HIMYM, Carter Bays, the writer of the show, Craig Thomas, and music composer for the show, Brian Kim.

But, performing credit goes entirely to Robins Sparkles — er, Cobie Smulders — as she plays the piano AND sings this new version of “Let’s Go To The Mall.”

Watch the EPIC performance below!


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