Here’s All The Starbucks Sizes You Can Order

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Starbucks sizes are one of those things that can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Trust me, I was once there.

That is why I often check out the Secret Starbucks Menu and know all the different sizes so I can order at Starbucks like a pro.

Starbucks sizes

Aside from the traditional Starbucks cup sizes that you see on the menu, Starbucks actually has other unadvertised sizes you can order.

Starbucks sizes

Here’s All The Starbucks Drink Sizes You Can Order


When you head to your Starbucks coffee shop to order your favorite holiday drink or seasonal offering, you won’t find small, medium, and large, you’ll find the traditional three sizes on the menu board:

  • Tall (12 oz.)
  • Grande (16 oz.)
  • Venti (20 oz.)

That’s right, small, medium and large is basically just tall, grande, and venti. That’s for both hot drinks and iced drinks.

But what if you want less than a 12 oz. drink? More like a single cup of coffee? Well, there is a secret Starbucks size most people don’t know about called ‘The Short’.

Pink Starbucks drink

The Short is a 8 oz. size cup which is basically perfect for kids drinks or anyone that just wants a small cup of joe.


What about something for those days where you are having a Case of the Monday’s and you need a large cup of coffee? More than just a 20 ounce drink? Well, for cold drinks, there is a Starbucks cup size for that too, called the Trenta.

The Trenta is a whopping 31 oz. cup! It is the holy grail of cups of coffee. That’s right, that bad boy is 31 ounces tall.


Again, most of these other sizes are not even advertised on the Starbucks menu but if you ask, Barista’s should know what you are talking about.

If all else fails just ask your Barista what is smaller than a Tall or larger than a Venti and they should be able to help you.


So, in short – The drink sizes that Starbucks currently offers are:

  • Short [8 fl. oz.]
  • Tall [12 fl. oz.]
  • Grande [16 fl. oz.]
  • Venti® Hot [20 fl. oz.]
  • Venti® Cold [24 fl. oz.]
  • Trenta® Cold* [31 fl. oz.].

*Only available for Teavana® Shaken Iced Tea, Teavana® Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Starbucks Refreshers®.

starbucks sizes

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