Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90’s And Calling It A VSCO Girl

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Pookah shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, parachute shorts, scrunchies, oversized t-shirts, Birkenstock’s, and a big messy bun on top of your head now makes you something called a VSCO girl. 

Which is crazy, because I just described the outfit I wore to school all four years of high school. The term Vsco girl actually originated on tiktok (it’s a new app that’s sort of a cross between Instagram stories and Snapchat all the kids are using. You can follow me here.) 

Basically a VsCO girl is every nineties girl trend rolled up into one. The term back actually comes from the popular photo editing iPhone app that the girls were using to give their photos sort of a vintage feel. (Or vintage “aesthetic” as they like to call it.)

Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90s And Calling It A VSCO Girl

They are covering their hydroflasks (that’s the expensive water bottle everyone is carrying today) with cute, colorful stickers and trying their best to be eco-friendly with metal and silicone straws.

Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90s And Calling It A VSCO Girl


It’s a fun trend that most of us who have teenage daughters are totally loving, and trying not to let them know that it’s only cool because we did it first. 😉 


But they’ve taken it to a whole new level, because not only are vsco girls all the rage right now, but there’s an entire sub-culture devoted to making fun of the vsco girls, too. 

Their water bottles are loud when they drop them. When they laugh it kind of sounds like “sksksksksksksk” instead of a real laugh because they’re too busy trying to be cute.


These girls are so nice they will share their scrunchies with you, but do you really want to borrow it in the first place? 

Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90s And Calling It A VSCO Girl

All in all, vsco girls are a harmless trend, and if your daughter is one, it’s kind of a good thing, because it mostly just stands for a good, clean cut girl trying to do the right thing. 

Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90s And Calling It A VSCO Girl

And if your daughter is a VSCO girl, here are some things she MUST HAVE!

Our Daughters Are Dressing Like We Did In The 90s And Calling It A VSCO Girl

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  1. My daughter keeps complaining that VSCO girls in her school are not nice and very exclusive. In fact when I asked her what a VSCO girl was she replied someone I will never be.

  2. This a great article, but what does VSCO actually stand for?

  3. It’s honestly kind of cool to see my childhoodcome back. Haha

    My question is for the scrunchies. Why why why are the girls giving them to the boys as a sign of relationship status?

    Not the come back I expected of the scrunchie

  4. Thank you for this enlightening post!! I wonder, would you be ok with me linking to this article in my blog post this weekend? I mention VSCO girls (and the fact that I’m upset about people hating on them!) and would like to link to this article to explain what VSCO girls are ?

  5. Someone called my daughter a Vsco girl just yesterday….. I said excuse me?! What did u say.. They said it’s just the style girls are wearing now!

  6. My kid’s middle school had a dance- it was a 90’s theme. Very tough to help her with when everything they wear currently looks exactly like what we wore in the 90’s! Weird!

  7. Ok, well this explains what Granddaughter A. Was talking about when she said VSCO girls and why granddaughter B has suddenly refuses to wear anything but Vans and big t-shirts. I am enlightened, thanks for the article.

  8. Please, please, please spell “puka” correctly. Aloha from the VSCO girls in Hawai’i!

  9. Thank you vsco girls for encouraging ridiculously priced water bottles that deliver weeks and weeks after you order. I’m still trying to convince my girl scouts that an RTIC bottle is the same dang thing. My daughter, with dad’s permission, fools, spent $44 for a hydroflask drinking top and shipping. Yes to the high waisted jeans, scrunchies (I’m hoping to show her how to sew some to encourage that love before they start sewing in home ec).

    1. Real hydroflask show up at your house quick. You might have gotten one from a fake hydroflask site. That happened to me and it took a month to deliver and came from China!

  10. Ok, for one I still dress like this! lmao I can’t help loving my 90s! Secondly, I had never heard of this term before but did see a ton of teenie boppers rocking Birks and was a little thrown. I love it though because I can go to Forever 21 and get hella scrunchies! Thank you for this post!!

  11. My 10 year old is calling herself a VSCO girl and I didnt fully realize what it was j till now. Thanks. I think it is hilarious that she is wanting wear the clothes I did in highschool and plan to sit back and quietly laugh in my head knowing that we did it first and she is just like me. Loving it!!!!

  12. My high schooler found a picture of me from the nineties and swooned over the high waisted, baggy jeans and black turtleneck, with a thick black belt. A month later, she had culled together the same look from thrift shopping. She had already stolen the last of my scrunchies, and had to convince me that she would not be the only one wearing them. She was right. They are all watching Friends for the first time. This is so weird to experience.

  13. I bought some metal straws on an Amazon flash sale this week and my teen daughter called me a vsco girl. I had no idea what she was talking about. Thanks for the post that answered all my questions!

  14. I have a container in the top of my closet with all my hair bows and scrunchies from high school and college. My high school aged daughter has now commandeered my “vintage” scrunchies and wears them on her wrist. ….just like I did almost 30 years ago! I can’t believe the elastic is still good in them! And it’s fun to listen to her tell her friends “This was my mom’s from high school. Isn’t it cool?”

  15. Thank you for explaining this! I had No clue what my students were taking about today and now I know.