This Teacher Made A “Gift Guide Pyramid” And It’s Giving Parents A Little Dose Of Reality

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I always struggle with what to get my kids’ teachers for the holidays.

You know they already get like 1,297 handmade gifts, 3,295 candles, and 7,934 gift cards to Chick-fil-A.

How do you give them something they want without breaking the bank or being just another gift in a long line of samesies?

There is one teacher who has actually taken to TikTok to make a Teacher’s Gift Guide Pyramid, and it just may give you that holiday reality check that you need.

Teacher, Kayla Gamble, has broken the teacher gift giving list into 3 levels.

The bottom level includes pretty basic gifts that all teachers get from just about every student. They’ll smile and say thank you, but the gift won’t really knock the holidays out of the park.

The middle level of the gift guide pyramid are gifts that step it up a notch. They might make your teachers say, “WOW!! Merry Christmas to me!!”

But, that top tier. That top tier is what every teacher wants 100% of the time.

No question about it — give them the #1 item on the pyramid, and it will make their entire year!

The #1 Thing Teachers Want For Christmas

So, what is the #1 gift on the list?

I’ll tell you in a second, but check out the comments section of the video.

They pretty much sum up my thoughts completely.

Okay, are you ready for a little dose of holiday reality?

The #1 item teachers want during the holiday season — and always — is…

Parent Involvement!!

So many parents SAY they want to be involved in their child’s education, but when it comes down to it, they are always too busy or can’t be bothered.

How can you be more involved in your child’s education without being that annoying helicopter parent, always there breathing down the teacher’s neck?

You can do consistent things like checking your child’s folders and making sure your child’s homework is completed and tuned in.

Also, communicating with your child’s teacher goes a long way towards the success of your student.

Let the teacher know if your student is going to be out, communicate things like unusual circumstances at home, and be proactive if your student is struggling in a certain area.

Teachers have a hella hard job, and they take such good care of our kids. Let’s give them what they REALLY want this holiday season!

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