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You Can Get Gingerbread Man Cookie Mug Hangers From Trader Joe’s That Are Absolutely Adorable

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I am always looking for cute items for Christmas. I have two toddlers and they are obsessed with the holiday. So I may have found the cutest thing yet!

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has released the most adorable Cookie Mug Hangers that are shaped like cute little gingerbread men and hang off of your cup!


The description on their site says:

Given our proliferation of festive holiday beverages and tasty cookies, we appreciate any opportunity to dunk said cookies into said beverages—which is why Trader Joe’s new Cookie Mug Hangers were such a slam-dunk at our holiday tasting panel!


These gingerbread person-shaped cookies are designed to hang out on the edge of a mug, just waiting for the perfect moment to be dunked and eaten. Pleasantly sweet and delightfully crunchy, these cinnamon-spiced cookies pair with all manner of holiday beverages—Wintry Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Egg Nog are just a few of our favorites.


The best part? These are only $2.49. WHAT? How can something so adorable be so affordable?! I’m not sure, but you better bet I will be stocking up on these this season! What about you?


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