Herr’s Crunchy Funnel Cake Snack Balls Are The Perfect Carnival Snack You Can Enjoy At Home

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Y’all. I am a sucker for anything put out by the Herr’s company. I mean, who can resist a giant jug of flavored balls. *giggle*

Herr’s newest creation are these Funnel Cake Snack Balls, and I need them in my life straight away.

Sweet and Crunchy Funnel Cake Flavored Snack Balls — YES, please!


Seriously, it’s like I’m at a fun fall fair festival, with yummy fresh, powdered-sugary funnel cakes, but I’m eating them right in the comfort of my own home!

I know, I know. Herr’s isn’t exactly a health food company, but COME ON!! They are all about some crunchy comfort food.


My family has to have a GIANT plastic barrel of the Herr’s Cheese Balls in the house at ALL times. It’s so easy to just open up the top, and throw 3 or 4 balls right in your mouth.

Yep, you know you are craving the cheesy goodness now. You can get them right here.

Courtesy of Walmart

They look a little weird, but we also enjoy the blue Cotton Candy Balls that are also put out by the Herr’s Company. You can find them here.

Courtesy of Big Lots

BUT, now they have Funnel Cake Snack Balls, and they are all I need right now. They are a crunchy fried ball, covered in powdered sugar. Yum!


One user said they have a SLIGHT caramel flavor, but they are mostly sweet and crunchy. Imma have to try these bad boys!! I love Funnel Cakes, so these Herr’s Balls may be a no-brainer!!


As d_waynethe_rock put it — “Where is the crack powder?!” I may not be able to put these dudes down, once I open the package. Ha! My husband may have to hide them from me.


We know they have been found in Weis, Menards, and Ollie’s. Hopefully they will be coming to a store near me and you SOON!!


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