Taco Bell Is Removing Several Items Off It’s Menu and I’m Not Happy About It

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So funny story, my boyfriend texted me about a week ago saying that he read about some serious changes coming to the Taco Bell menu, according to a subreddit @r/LiveMas. 

Right off the bat I freaked, because his opening line was “you may want to sit down for this…”


The Cheesy Potato Griller has been on the menu for a while now I get that; however I just recently started appreciating soft tacos and now my all time favorite snack is supposedly being removed from the menu.


If you’re a fan of the Quesarito, Triple Layer Nacho, Beefy Frito Burrito, Spicy Tostada, 7-Layer Burrito or the Nacho Supreme, you can say goodbye to every single one of those items as well and as early as August 13th. 

It’s heartbreaking isn’t it? 


If that wasn’t enough to throw your shoes on and get in the car to drive to Taco Bell, the fast food chain is also removing all potato items, according to Taco Bell insiders.

So if you ask me, my heart isn’t just broken it’s shattered. 


However there is some sort of relief, a few Taco Bell workers mentioned that as long potato items are in stock, they will continue to be shipped.


Some good news because we sure do need it, the new hit Pineapple Whip Freeze drink looks like it should be staying until August.

Taco Bell is also bringing back the Grande Nacho Box with a medium drink for just 5 bucks. The Beefy Frito Burrito is also being replaced with a new Beef Burrito for $1 and the chips and cheese are expected to be added to their value menu. 


This news just sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke. If Taco Bell is removing this many items, I really hope they’re replacing most, if not all of the meals they are omitting. UGH! 


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