You Can Get Mini Kitchen Mixer Earrings For The Person Who Loves to Bake

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I would LOVE to receive these earrings as a gift!!

I was recently browsing the web, ya know, as one does and I came across these adorable Mini Kitchen Mixer Earrings!!

Seriously, if you have a baker in your life, you need to get these. The best part is, they come in a variety of colors.

You could even get a pair that matches the color of the KitchenAid mixer you have in your home!

According to the listing, these Replica Kitchen Mixer Earrings come in any color you’d like with any batter you’d like!

They are made with hypoallergenic hooks in .925 silver. They also come in clip-on earrings too!

You can grab your own Mini KitchenAid Mixer Earrings on etsy for $20 each here.

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