5 Sad Reasons The Spark Fades In Your Relationship

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You were once in love. Do you remember how that felt? Now, you can’t stand being at the same table anymore. His chewing is disgusting, and he says he never realized how dead your eyes look when you talk. How did you get here? Intimate relationships are great at first. The two partners involved enjoy each other to the fullest because everything is new. They love with all their being and they put their hearts on the table. But as the relationship matures and things get serious, new behaviors emerge. That passion you once shared slips away, and little by little the flame burns out. Too often, couples today are a big part of the reason that spark fades. Here’s why!

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5 Sad Reasons The Spark Fades In Your Relationship

1. They become distant

Couples kill intimacy the moment they stop caring and become distant. This usually after after 3 or 4 years of being in a relationship. When one of the partners stops communicating, the bond thins. Distance leads to more severe issues, including infidelity. Communicate your issues and concerns, and find ways to fix them. Be the one to reach out. Invite your partner to a special evening. Start asking how their day was again. Little steps can take you a long distance. Don’t allow your partner to become a stranger because at some point you won’t be able to reconnect.

2. They criticize their partners over little things

Couples who criticize each other can’t possibly be happy. Usually, when one of the partners stops being the caring, compassionate person you met years ago, it happens because of a reason. Rather than start screaming and shouting or become suspicious that your partner is cheating, try to understand them. Stop asking over and over again “what’s going on?” and find a way to be more supportive. Being criticized by a loved one can be nerve-wracking. Let your partner breathe and stop smothering them with questions.

3. They become secretive

He had a number of relationships before, but somehow managed to convince you that you were the one; and you believed him. Lately though, he seems indecisive and the things you once knew for sure are questionable. Does he seem distant? Does he make you doubt his honesty? Maybe something happened that he’s not telling you about. If the intimacy in the relationship doesn’t feel like it used to, then you should talk to him about it. It is vital for couples to communicate and find a way to keep the flame burning. Otherwise, that passion you once felt will become non-existent and the love will slowly fade away. Act now and don’t hide your true feelings. If you wait too long, your whole marriage can go down the drain.

4. They become indifferent

In the beginning every relationship seems mysterious, exciting and interesting. He used to find you fascinating. But lately he seems indifferent and doesn’t share anything with you anymore. What happened to his sense of humor? Where did the excitement go? Even on those nights you didn’t make love, you could still be up all night talking and having a good time together. But right now he’s giving you the cold shoulder. It’s sad that you can’t connect anymore. If you want to fix your intimate relationship and get another shot, you’d better speak to him now. Dig deeper and find the root of his indifference.

5. They’ve given up on the memories

In the past he used to get over the hard times faster. Now he’s clinging to every discomfort. Is he too focused on your defects? Does he seem reluctant and suspicious? Well then maybe it’s time to remind him of the women he once fell head over heels for. When you’re in a committed relationship sometimes it’s tough to focus on the good memories. When issues arise and your intimate connection is no longer what it used to be, it’s nice to remember the good times. Why focus on the negative when you can keep hope alive with memories that made both of you feel joy and happiness? Break out those pictures. Have a few, “Do you remember when…?” nights. Go visit your old haunts. Memories aren’t just in your head; you can reconnect by reliving. Don’t be afraid to plan out that trip down memory lane!

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Holding onto a relationship and preserving the intimacy can be challenging. After years and years of being together, couples may feel their partner is changing for the worse. However, this doesn’t mean it’s their fault. Rather than blame your partner for being distant, secretive or indifferent, you should support them. Support their decisions and give them space. Be the person you want them to be and pretty soon you’ll see them coming back to you, too!

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