This Mom Just Gave Birth To A 15 Pound Baby Like The Goddess She Is

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You know, childbirth is a crazy thing, but when you are giving birth to a kid that weighs 15 pounds, it’s pretty much terrifying.

15 Pound Baby
Joy Buckley – Facebook

This beautiful 15 pound 5 ounce, 23.2 inch long bundle of joy, Harper Buckley, was born in Upstate New York earlier this week and is more than twice the size of the average newborn.

And, despite the labor which was “pretty violent” according to Joy Buckley, who had three doctors, a medical vacuum and finally a c-section to dliever the baby, she’s doing really well!

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Harper’s in neonatal intensive care right now, but doctors said she is expected to be released soon.

15 Pound Baby

This is Buckley’s second child. Her first was 11 pounds, so this mama knows a big baby. But, apparently they run in the family, because some family members have had babies as big as 16lbs.

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15 Pound Baby
Joy Buckley – Facebook

This 15 Pound Baby might be the biggest ever born in the state of New York. They are verifying records now!

Uh, what? That is insane.

15 Pound Baby

Good luck to the mama, and– I hope you didn’t get any clothes at the baby shower, because none of that stuff is going to fit! HAH!

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