10 Must-Haves For Any Crazy Cat Lady

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We all know someone who is a little more fond of their cats than they are of, well, anything else. I’m not judging! Whether these friends are truly crazy cat ladies or just eccentric cat aficionados, most have a surprisingly well developed sense of humor and if not that, they at very least love all things cat. I personally have cat butt magnets on my fridge, and I display them proudly for all to see! Plus, my three cats think they’re just awesome…the magnets, not always each other, so there’s that. Okay, okay, I’ll fess up – I’m totally a crazy cat lady. That’s how I know these ladies (and sometimes gents) are going to love these 10 Must-Haves For Any Crazy Cat Lady! Whether you’re making a crazy cat lady starter kit for your friend who has a new kitten, or you’re trying to figure out what to give to your oddball auntie for her birthday, these are THE ten must-haves that every cat owner will be proud to receive!

mrs scratchenpost

10 Must-Haves For Any Crazy Cat Lady

1. Any crazy cat lady knows it is best to stay well hydrated. Cleaning up after cats takes a lot of energy and burns a lot of electrolytes. I mean, the fur alone! And, let’s just admit it…cat boxes. No one likes ’em, but we have to have ’em. So get this tumbler. Not only because it’s perfect for us feline aficionados, but also because clear cups let us see how many cat hairs are floating on top before we close that lid.

crazy cat lady tumbler

2. When you come to my house, you need to know that my cats will have to approve you before you can come in…and my doormat says exactly that. At my house, cats have first dibs on the furniture. They live there, you do not. So if you aren’t a fan of fur on your clothing…probably not the best idea to visit. Not that I don’t clean it, but c’mon, there’s only so far a rolly tape fur remover can go. At this point I already need to buy stock in the company.

crazy cat lady doormat

3. Any fan of Bob’s Burgers knows that animal butts are the best. Cat butts are no exception, and in fact might be the best of the best. My cat butt magnets (yes, I love them, no, you can’t have mine…) are the first thing people see (other than cats) when they come into my kitchen, and the last thing they talk about as they walk out the door. I love my magnets more than I love my refrigerator and almost as much as the ice cream tucked safely behind the broccoli in my freezer.

cat butt magnets

4. Crazy cat ladies have a fashion sense all their own. Sometimes it might be a little too much their own, but at least their consistent in what they wear. These Dress-Up Cat Lady Clings are so much fun to play with, whether you’re a crazy cat lady or not. With 110 different options, any cat aficionado has plenty to choose from.

crazy cat lady dress up

5. Did you love The Lego Movie? Fan of Mrs. Scratchen-Post? Now you can make Mrs. Scratchen-Post part of your collectibles, well, collection. Keep her on the shelf next to Tina Belcher, or maybe she’d like it next to the Homer Simpson figure you bought back in the late 1800’s, when the show first started. It started back then, right? I’m pretty sure… Or, if you don’t want to keep her mint (on account she’s a crazy cat lady and all), you can just play with her. Yeah, I said it. You can play with Mrs. Scratchen-Post. Everything Is Awesome.

mrs. scratchen-post

6. Remember when I said crazy cat ladies have a great sense of humor? It’s true! And they love gaming. That’s a little known fact about us, er, them. Exploding Kittens is the perfect game for any crazy cat fan because it’s a card game about kittens, explosions and sometimes goats. Now don’t YOU wish you were a crazy cat lady?

exploding kittens

7. If you’re going to give a gift to the crazy cat lady in your life, you should make sure and put it in a bag they’ll love. This crazy cat lady gift bag is perfect for just that. Minus the cat hair, of course.

gift bag

8. Don’t hide your crazy from the world, embrace it! This crazy cat lady game is going to be so much fun to play with that auntie of yours! Know how she only talks about her cats, and she smells slightly? That’s okay! ‘Cause now at least when you visit you can embrace the cray and beat her at her own game.

crazy cat lady game

9. Are you not so sure if you’re a crazy cat lady or not? There are tell tale signs. Like, the bathrobe covered in fur. Or, of course, the cats. Plus, that wide-eyed crazy look. But if you’re STILL not sure you should get this crazy cat lady coloring book. It comes with an ‘Are You A Crazy Cat Lady’ quiz! I ‘may’ have taken it. I ‘may’ have to have therapy now…

coloring book

10. Last but definitely best is this crazy cat lady action figure. Crazy cat ladies, UNITE! We now have our own action figure! Just saying, we are so badass. Or would it be cat-tastic. With six cats and the signature wide-eyed look, this lady has it all. She’s got the robe. She’s got some hard vinyl going on. She’s perfect. And every single crazy cat lady everywhere (not saying we’re all single) will love her. Love. Her.

action figure

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