You Can Get Colorful Flower Shaped Lamps And They Are Stunning

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Let’s just face the facts; you can find anything off Etsy and one of our jobs here at Totallythebomb is to let you know when we see something extravagant, something out of the ordinary.

So, with that being said, here’s introducing flower lamps!

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

Your brain probably just hesitated as you read that last sentence because seriously what is a “flower lamp”.

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

Well, @EsseniaFairyLand is selling handmade lamps in the shape of flowers and they’re stunningly gorgeous.

Your craftsmanship is truly beyond amazing.

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

With more than a handful of flower designs to choose from, you can pick between a floor lamp or a chandelier and personally, I vote both.

Similar to flowers around the world, no one flower is the same and that’s exactly how this entire collection appears to be.

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

Each lamp has a soft glow when illuminated and a few of my favorites include the daisy like lamp, the violet floor lamp, and the Fairy Lamp Light chandelier.

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

Do yourself a favor and check these designs out, trust me, you won’t regret your decision to do so!

Courtesy of @EsseniaFairyLand

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