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The Director Of ‘Enola Holmes’ Is Hoping For A Netflix Franchise With Up To 5 More Sequels

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If you haven’t heard yet, ‘Enola Holmes‘ is the newest hit movie on Netflix right now! Enola Holmes is the sister of Sherlock Holmes. It’s only been out for a few days and has been topping the viewer charts.


This is a new adaptation of the Holmes family that we have known. This film was created around a character from a series of books for young adults that invented a little sister to look at Sherlock Holmes from a new angle.


Enola Holmes is full of adventure, action, and mystery. In this first film, she is trying to track down her missing mother. Harry Bradbeer is the director and he really has an interest in continuing with more adventures for Enola!


Well, I hope I’d have the energy for that, yeah. That would be amazing. Someone’s going to have the energy for it! It’d be wonderful to get five more movies out of this scene. I do think they’re extraordinary stories to tell, and what a period. As you go forward, things like that three-wheeled car – which was a lovely thing we discovered – to find our characters playing on some of the new contraptions, at some point in the early 20th century. Of course, we get airplanes and the Wright brothers. Who knows what other challenges are going to come out of this really restless, productive period.”

Harry Bradbeer to Movieweb.com

Nothing has been confirmed for sequels as of yet. However, Enola Holmes is a huge hit with everyone! I bet a sequel happens! Apparently Millie Bobby Brown is all for it too!


Have you watched ‘Enola Holmes’ yet? Are you ready to see more of the character as well as her mom and all of the stories she has?


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