I Watched Netflix’s ‘Rebecca’ So That You Don’t Have To

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Picking something in the Netflix top ten couldn’t go wrong right? Wrong.

So far I have checked out The Haunting of Bly Manor, which I thought I would dislike and then accidentally fell in love with it. And then I watched Emily in Paris, which I figured I would like, and I hated it. So it was time to continue questioning this strange theory with Rebecca.


Now THIS seemed like my kind of movie! After watching the trailer, I immediately knew I would like it. Suspense, romance, eerie creepy vibes, just up my alley. So to go with my current lack of getting predictions correct, I HATED it.


I am SO disappointed with this movie! A sad and plain girl is a companion to an annoying lady. The actress of her employer is from The Handmaid’s Tale so I figured she would be a part of something extraordinary. Nope.


She meets a brooding man, who shows her a little attention, and then asks her to marry him within days because he keeps wanting to spend time with her. And yet, once they’re married, he doesn’t.


There’s a creepy housekeeper that just ends up being obsessed with a dead person, making her even more creepy. And the dead person is portrayed to be a ghost, but isn’t.


There’s a bunch of super stale monologues with SUPER dramatic and over the top stories that just come out so plainly. And then she saves her murderous husband and their house burns down. The end.


I was REALLY disappointed. It had SUCH a promising story, but the way that it was carried out was just…off. So off. I’m not sure how a movie can be both naively dramatic AND incredible bland at the same time but I found it. Don’t waste 2 hours on it. Trust me.


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