I Just Finished ‘Emily In Paris’ And I Honestly, I Couldn’t Stand It

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Ok, hear me out…I am already aware of what a black sheep I am in this thought. But I could barely get through Emily in Paris. I only watched it in hopes that I would change my mind…and I didn’t.


But let’s start with the few things I did like. I liked the Sex and The City vibes which could only be expected since they had the same director. And the tug of romance between Gabriel and Emily kept me a little intrigued. But that was it.


Now for the things I didn’t like…where to start. Maybe I have a little French in me, but Emily just seemed WAAAAAY too optimistic. And it became incredibly annoying incredibly fast. Sure, I believe it is better to have an enthusiastic look on life, but that girl was over the top.


The fact that she had zero massive breakdowns after all of the criticism and things going wrong seemed a bit unbelievable. Not to mention the lack of caring that she just lost her “almost fiancé” with just about zero emotions coming from her end.


Maybe it’s the naivety of the main character that bothers me the most. Or how everything just seemed to fall into place for her, despite not taking realistic approaches to anything. Call me bitter. I just prefer my romantic comedies to have some form of realism to them.


And of course, then you have to add the sex and romance. But who are we actually supposed to root for here? The ex boyfriend didn’t even try to keep her and she didn’t seem to care. Rebound one was full of himself. Rebound two was jailbait.


An older married man with a mistress wants her in bed (with, of course permission from his wife). She finally starts dating someone who seems sweet and normal while wanting another woman’s man that they want us to want her to be with. I’m so confused.


And then, of course, they give us a “cliffhanger” to make us want to watch the next season to see which man she ends up with. I think I’ll pass.


Is there anyone else that shares these thoughts with me, or am I alone in thinking this was a predictable an cliché show? With it still being in the top 10 of Netflix, I’m honestly confused as to why.


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