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Netflix’s Newest True Crime Series Shows Just How Bad The System Is Broken Sometimes

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I have a confession… I binge watched Netflix’s newest true crime series last night and all I can say is… WOW.

My heart truly goes out to the couple featured in the series and honestly, it’s one of those series that shows just how bad the system is broken sometimes.


Not only that but if you have yet to watch it, be ready for one of the most INSANE and shocking true crime series ever. Like, I still have so many questions that are unanswered…

The new Netflix true crime series follows a boyfriend and girlfriend and one evening they will never forget.


Basically, when the girlfriend gets kidnapped, the story of how she was taken, ends up being so bizarre the police and FBI do not believe the boyfriend nor believe the girlfriend.


Come to find out – their entire story ends up being true and the system truly fails them and countless other victims.

The entire story is sad, upsetting, heart-wrenching and made me want to cry and scream at the same time. I am angry for this couple because they did not deserve what they went through.


The new true crime series is called American Nightmare and “nightmare” is truly an understatement. It is currently trending at the #1 spot on Netflix (when you watch it, you’ll understand why).

The series is a 3-part series of what happened the night of Denise Huskins’s disappearance and how her boyfriend Aaron Quinn just tried to do the right thing but the wrong outcomes happened at the hands of law enforcement and the media.

You can watch the 3-part series on Netflix now and check out the trailer below.

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