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Target Is Having A Sale on LEGOs And They Will Deliver Them Straight To Your Door

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Target has their most popular LEGO sets on sale from now until March 21st, so go add them to you your virtual cart, and purchase them!

Included in the sale are Disney Princess, Creator, Minecraft, and Harry Potter — so, some of the BEST!

Courtesy of Target

Dude, you don’t even have to get out and go to the store!

Courtesy of Target

Y’all. Your kids are probably already BORED with this whole “quarantine” thing. I know my kids are climbing the walls!

LEGO always makes everything better! Your kids can work on strategy building, hand-eye coordination, imagination, and just simply have fun! That’s a win win win win in my book!!

You can even do a little math learning! Fractions, anyone?


Here are some of my FAVORITE LEGO sets that Target has on sale RIGHT NOW.

Anna’s Canoeing Expedition

Courtesy of Target

Harry Potter Quidditch Match

Courtesy of Target

Minecraft The Panda Nursery

Courtesy of Target

Moana’s Ocean Adventure

Courtesy of Target

Those LEGO sets not your things? They have TONS more on Sale! You have to go check them out.

Courtesy of Target

There are SO many sets that are under $20! It’s the perfect time to stock up.

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