LEGO Will Pay to Ship Your Used Bricks to Kids In Need

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The LEGO Replay program will pay to have your old LEGOs shipped to kids in need.

Credit: LEGO Replay

We have boxes of random LEGO pieces that we have found all over our house just sitting in my kids’ rooms. They love to play with LEGOs, but they have way more than they will ever be able to use.

Thanks to the LEGO Replay program, we can now give some of these LEGOs to kids that might need and appreciate them more.

LEGO Replay is a pilot program put on by the LEGO company. Through this program, you can ship your LEGOs to the Give Back Box center. They will clean them, and distribute them to kids who need them.

All you have to do box up your LEGOs, and visit the LEGO Replay website to get a shipping label. Then you just call the shipping service to have them come pick up your box. So easy!

Of course, this program is all dependent on donations from individuals like you and me. So, gather up those random boxes of LEGOs, and visit that LEGO Replay website!

LEGOs is collaborating with Give Back Box, Teach For America, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston for this awesome program. Teach For America will use them in over a thousand locations across the country. Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston will use them in their after-school programs.

Play is so important for cognitive learning in children. This program will allow kids the opportunity to dream and play through LEGOs.

I KNOW you have extra LEGOs hanging around your house. Join me, and box those babies up. Be one of the cool kids, and get in with the LEGO Replay program.

I’m going to involve my kids to make it a learning experience for them, and a great gift for another child!

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