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Here’s What The New ADDAMS Family Menu from IHOP REALLY looks like

*snap* *snap* someone needs a decorating lesson.

Okay, so, we took our kids to get the Addams Family Menu last week at IHOP and our kids were so excited because the food came out looking pretty cool and dang close to the menu.

But, tonight I was browsing Reddit and ran into some images I was dying laughing over.

People are quick to point out that they are ordering the new Addams family menu items are they are coming out looking NOTHING like the pictures on the menu and honestly, it’s quite hilarious.

I mean, what is that?! And where is the chocolate? lol.

But not all of them turned out bad. In fact, others had the same luck I did and got food that resembled the menu items…

But in case you’re wondering why some are coming out looking horrible, one IHOP employee was quick to point out what the frosting (purple topping) was made of saying:

So, that entirely makes sense. It is frosting and it will begin to melt on a hot cup of hot chocolate. Same thing with the pancakes.

I won’t lie, messy or not, it is a good. Like really good.

Oh, and the person above is NOT wrong about the pumpkin pancakes. Those are delicious!

As long as you are aware of what you might get when you order the Addams Family menu at IHOP you can’t say you’re disappointed. HA.

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