A Former NASA Scientist Says They Found Life on Mars In The 1970s

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There may be life on Mars, and that makes me giddy for a minute.


When people say “There may be life on Mars,” I want to think of little green men who fly around in hoover crafts.


Turns out, that isn’t exactly how it happens, and all my alien dreams have been thwarted. It’s possible I have watched too many movies.


There HAVE been signs of bioligical life, however, and those might have been discovered as far back as the 1970s.

In fact, one former NASA Scientist Says They Found Life on Mars in the 1970s and he wrote about it recently in the Scientific American Journal.


In 1976 we sent Viking landers to Mars to try see what we could find. Gilbert V. Levin, who was involved in the experiment, posted an article that says he had proof-positive there was sustainable life on Mars.


He says they placed nutrients in the Martian soil, and they were eaten up by — something.


His report claimed that this was a sign of life on the planet.


NASA could never recreate the experiment, so they claimed something was “mimicking life,” but it wasn’t REALLY proof of life.


My question would be — and I’m by no means a scientist — how does something that isn’t living mimick something that is living?

In 2018, a NASA rover found organic material that MAY suggest life was present. And, last week, they found evidence that there were ancient lakes on Mars.


NASA is set to send another rover to Mars in 2020 (but, it won’t land until 2021). It will test for things like oxygen production in the atmosphere. It will also bring back rocks that can be tested here on earth for signs of previous life.


Levin, however, continues to advocate for the fact that they already PROVED life was present.

Now, just show me some little green (preferably friendly) men, and I’ll be happy!


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