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Starbucks Has Released Back-To-School Cups. Here’s What You Can Get.

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Starbucks is known for their delicious coffee, sandwiches, desserts and pop-able snacks, but that’s not all that completes the popular coffee chain.

Starbucks released their color changing cups this year and it was a frenzy amongst customers! Most of their tumblers normally catch the eye of many Starbucks fans and I’m pleased to say their Back-To-School cups are back in stock!


I bought my first Starbucks reusable cup this year! Sadly I was too late to get my hands on the color changing cup set. However, I was able to purchase a color changing confetti cup and it’s just as cute!


The Back-To-School tumblers are back in stock, in stores now and this is super exciting!

Totally The Bomb Group

There are several designs available now and I’m thinking I might just need another reusable cup to put my coffee in for the morning.


Similar to shoes, you can never have too many Starbucks tumblers! Thank you Starbucks for putting these back in stock. We can’t get enough of these adorable designs!


I’m thinking any one of these tumblers would be a great gift for your favorite teacher or even someone you know who’s becoming a teacher in the near future!

Each Starbucks location offers different items so make sure you check near you!


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