Dollar Tree Candles Have Been Recalled Due To A Fire Hazard

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Dollar Tree candles are fundamental because they’re cheap and well, cheap. Plus, they smell nice!

Unfortunately if you’re a big buyer of Dollar Tree and who wouldn’t be, thousands of their candles have been recalled.

To be exact a bout 142,740 candles have been recalled at Dollar Tree stores nationwide.

Courtesy of ADCO Trading Inc.

According to the report, the candle’s high flames have the potential to ignite the surface of the wax or even cause the glass to break.

Courtesy of ADCO Trading Inc.

No, thank you.

The maker of the candle ADCO Trading Inc., based in Missouri City, Texas announced a recall on Sure Scents 2-1 Peaceful Stream/Moonlit Waves candles on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd.

The $1 candles were stocked on shelves starting in July of this year and individuals who have already bought the candle or candles, can contact Dollar Tree at 800-876-8697 for a full refund.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman; please check your candles because we don’t need any close calls, especially not in 2020.

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