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Netflix Dropped A New Thriller, And It’s So Good That People Are Watching It In One Sitting

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I love a good thriller, and this one is supposed to be fantastic.

It so amazing, people are actually binge watching the whole thing in one sitting.


The show centers around Brenda, a girl who was abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby.

She grew up abused and homeless, but that’s not where her story ends.


Brenda fought her way to a better life, becoming a famous social media influencer.

Being such a powerful influencer comes with perks — perks that help her seek revenge on the woman who abandoned her, leaving her life in shambles.


When she was an infant, four private-school kids left Brenda Ray in the middle of the woods, in a shack. Brenda grew up homeless and was sexually abused, but through it all, she was determined to crawl her way out of poverty and make a name for herself. Now she’s a powerful social media influencer with connections and resources people only dream of. But instead of luxuriating in her riches and success, Brenda wants revenge on the women who conspired to hide her birth. With the help of her manager, Alex, she’s determined to find every single one of them, including the headmistress who enabled it all.’

Official Synopsis

The show takes place in in Mexico, and was filmed in Guerrero, Mexico City, Soledad de Doblado, and Veracruz. 

Pact of Silence stars Camila Valero, Adriana Louvier, Marimar Vega, and Litzy — a Mexican singer and actress.


It is important to note that this film needs a few warnings before you set on out to binge watch.

Pact of Silence is a revenge thriller that deals with drugs, sex, rape, suicide, and murder.

It definitely isn’t one for the young kids.


You should also know that it is dubbed into English, and that takes just a little getting used to.

Catch the trailer for Pact of Silence below.

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