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Netflix’s New Apocalyptic Thriller Will Give You Goosebumps 

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In Netflix’s new thriller, the end of the world is near and let’s just say that the trailer, will give you goosebumps by the time you’re done watching. 

Starring Julia Roberts as (Amanda Sandford) and Ethan Hawke as (Clay Sandford), the two quickly realize that their peaceful family vacation with the kids isn’t exactly as relaxing as they had hoped.

Based on the best-selling 2020 novel written by Rumaan Alam, the story begins with mom (Amanda), dad (Clay), and their two kids who book a rental vacation home by the beach for a family trip.

The home, and their surroundings seem calm until there’s a strange knock at the door.

Courtesy of Netflix / JoJo Whilden

While staying at the vacation home, the Sandford family are paid a visit by a father-daughter duo the Scott’s, (played by Mahershala Ali and Myha’la Herrold), who claim the house they’re staying in is actually theirs.

And to make matters even more strange, an inexplicable cyberattack soon spreads across the United States, leaving the family of four and the family of two to fight for their survival.

Courtesy of Netflix / JoJo Whilden

Sending the public in a panic nationwide, the Sandfords and the Scotts begin to question if they can trust one another, but there’s one thing the group knows is a fact.

And that is society itself, will never return back to normal.

Courtesy of Netflix / JoJo Whilden

Netflix’s new movie also casts Farrah Mackenzie (as Rose Sandford), Charlie Evans (as Archie Sandford) who play the daughter and son of Amanda and Clay and Kevin Bacon, as (Danny).

Leave the World Behind hits Netflix on December 8, and you can also watch the chilling new trailer, here.

Courtesy of Netflix / JoJo Whilden

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