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People Are Cringing Over This TikTok Tutorial Where Cooked Ground Meat Is Rinsed

I have seen plenty of weird things on TikTok. Believe me, my husband is one of them (Sorry babe!). But sometimes the strangest things just seem to set people off.

Emily Harper on TikTok posted a “kitchen hack” on her TikTok page, showing her rinsing her ground beef in the sink after cooking it…


Another kitchen tip for you 😊 ##ThinkingAbout ##HouseTour ##cooking ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##kitchentip

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She claimed that she learned it in a nutrition class and that grease is disgusting and needed to be removed. But there’s a few problems with this.


People acting like they never pour grease down the drain in my last vid. Calm down I rarely do it 😂 ##Fyp

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She takes the cooked ground beef that is still searing hot from the stove, and pours it into a strainer in the sink. There went ALL that grease right down the pipe…literally.

For anyone who doesn’t know, you should NOT be pouring grease down the sink. Ever. It can harden up within the pipes and gum up, causing clogs.


##duet with @eemilydharperr what in the ACTUAL hell is going on here!!!??😂

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Then there’s the fact that all that flavor just went down the drain…literally. The grease is what gives the meat fat and flavor. It helps you feel full longer and makes it taste like something other than…dirt.

My personal opinion? To each their own. I usually dab some grease off, but full on rinsing…heck to the no. But if she’s ok with how it tastes, so be it. Just maybe don’t suggest it to the world. Because they are literally tearing her apart.


Take a short walk with me through some of my messages and you’ll understand why my comments are off.

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