This Woman Sells Her Farts In A Jar and I Wish I Was Kidding

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Look, I am all about respecting other entrepreneurs and I can’t decide if I am disgusted, intrigued or jealous (honestly, it’s probably a combination of all of the above).

I found out today that apparently there is a market for selling farts. Yes, FARTS.

I say this because there is a Woman on TikTok that Sells Her Farts In A Jar and I Wish I Was Kidding…

Oh and it even gets better than that, she actually eats certain foods to help her fart so she can make sure her farts are “Fresh” and bottled properly to where they are going…

What the what…

I mean, I knew people were into weird things – – feet pics, used underwear, I just never realized it went that far as having a knack for smelling farts.


No, I am not judging, it isn’t for me, but you do you boo.

Anyways, this woman shared her side hustle on TikTok to which it then went viral and now people are like, how the heck can I get started.

TikTok / stepankamatto

Her name is Stephanie Matto, which you may know from the show 90 Day Fiancé. And if you thought that maybe this side hustle wasn’t where the money is at, think again…

Apparently, she sells her farts for $1,000 a jar… yes, 1K!!

And she actually made $45,000 in one week selling farts. You guys, what have I been doing with my life?!


At this point, why even go to college anymore… you can make more money just selling your own personal scent of gases.

Again, don’t hate the player, hate the game… ha!

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