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This Guy Was Arrested After Breaking Into Disneyland and I Totally Wonder Why

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One guy, in California, actually broke into one of the Disneyland parks on Sunday night, and ended up getting himself arrested in the process!

I’ll admit it, I’ve dreamed about getting out of the confines of my house, sneaking into Disneyland, and having the place all to myself*.


I wouldn’t get to ride any of the rides, obviously, but it would be super cool to see what it’s like with NOBODY inside the park!


18-year-old, Jeremiah Smith, a homeless man in Anaheim, California, was actually caught jumping over a gate at California Adventure — one of the Disneyland parks — at about 11pm on Sunday night.


He was picked up near a construction site at the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.


It is thought that he was probably trying to steal some of the construction equipment at the site.

That would be the FURTHEST thing from my mind, if I were to take an unplanned trip to California Adventure in the middle of the night! I’d want super-cool pictures of the empty streets, but that’s just me*.


Dude. It wasn’t even worth the trouble of sneaking into the park JUST to go to a boring construction site!

Jeremiah was arrested, cited for trespassing, and then later released.

This coronavirus has us dreaming up some pretty crazy fantasies. We are all stuck inside, not able to get out and have any fun, and it’s about to make us — or at least ME — loopy.

An unscheduled stop at an empty Disneyland park doesn’t seem far out of the realm of possible fun things to do, at this point.


BUT, here’s a PSA for everyone: Obey the rules, and stay at home. The sooner we can get rid of this virus mess, the sooner we can get back to actually having fun at places like Disneyland.


* I said I DREAMED about it. I did NOT say I would actually do it. Let’s not be silly.
* Let’s be perfectly clear — I would NEVER break into an amusement park. I just think it would be completely awesome to be there alone, and take pictures of the big, empty attractions.

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