You’ll See Be Able To See Comet ‘SWAN’. Here’s How.

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We were so excited about Comet ATLAS coming! Sadly, ATLAS is crumbling away and probably will not be bright enough for us to see anymore.

But Comet SWAN is coming! On April 11th, the same day that ATLAS had broken into 3 pieces, Michael Mattiazzo an amateur astronomer, found a new comet!

So this comet got the name SWAN because he found it by checking data and images every day from SOHO’s Solar Wind ANisotropies instrument. The acronym for his instrument is “SWAN”.

He has actually discovered eight different comets this way! Going all the way back to 2004! Fun fact, Michael Mattiazzo also lives in Swan Hill! Pretty neat!

Hopefully, Comet SWAN will be something we can actually see. Right now these are just predictions and like Comet ATLAS, could change quickly.

Comet SWAN may be bright enough to be visible to the naked eye in the last week of May.

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  1. Can you give us a chart to find it with?
    I live in Florida so I might have a better chance. 🙂

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