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After 76 Years, Tupperware Is Now Sold At Target And I’m So Excited

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Tupperware — ACTUAL Tupperware — is coming to Target, and you don’t know exactly how happy this makes me.

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for home parties. Pampered Chef, Paparazzi Jewelry, Tupperware. I love them all.

But, I also have a love — I mean, who doesn’t — for Target.

Now, you can actually get Tupperware at Target, and my life just might be complete.

It seems that Tupperware is reinventing its brand, and I’m here for it!

We’re honoring our legacy by continuing to host timeless Tupperware parties and we’ll offer our products in new channels.

Miguel Fernandez, CEO Tupperware Brands

The Tupperware product will be available in several — actually pretty reasonably priced — bundles at Target Stores for $7.99 to $79.99.

Fingers crossed that they have their classic lid and pitcher — I’m sure all your grandmas had them — and their AMAZEBALLS colander sets!

Younger customers less familiar with direct sales will now find our brand in retail and from there can develop personalized relationships with our one-and-only sales force to find products tailored to their needs.

Miguel Fernandez, CEO Tupperware Brands

You can head over to Target RIGHT NOW, grab your Starbucks Coffee, hit up that Dollar Spot, and then go on over and pick up some Tupperware products.

Sounds like my kind of shopping trip!!


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