You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Sea Turtle Pool Float and Now I Am Ready For Summer

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This Sea Turtle Pool Float almost looks like the REAL thing, and I need it to make my summer pool time complete!!

It is a BIG 75 inches (Length) x 67 inches (Width) x 73 inches (Height), and it has two big handles, so you can ride along on top without falling into the water.

I just love sea turtles! They are so beautiful and majestic. It just calms my soul to see them swimming in the water — not the mention, they were the BEST part of Finding Nemo. Ha!

I would love to ride with a REAL sea turtle in real life, but this is just about the next best thing! I mean, have you seen it? It’s beautiful.

Coo coo cachoo, help this friendly inflatable sea turtle ride on pool float find its way back to the big ol’ blue. Constructed out of heavy duty 12 gauge vinyl with handles and 2 air chambers, this turtle is ready to carry his friends on RIGHTEOUS adventures like from one end of the pool to the other!


This dude is totally big enough so you can lay out and relax in the sun while floating in your pool! Or, ya know, just hang out on top and social float around with friends.

You can get your own Inflatable Sea Turtle right on the Target website. He is on SALE for 40 bucks, and have I mentioned how beautiful it is?!?

Love sea turtles as much as I do? You should check out this Sea Turtle Rescue in Georgia, that offers a FREE educational series about all-things sea turtle!


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