You Can Get Disney Themed Face Masks For You And Your Kids And I Want Them All

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I have not been a fan of wearing face masks in public lately but I, of course, have been doing it for safety reasons. It’s just hard to feel cute having a face mask on…UNTIL NOW!


We just found a store that makes the CUTEST face masks. Seriously. I want all of them. And I want to wear them even when it’s not required anymore.


Disney themed face masks. Need I say more?!? You and your kiddos can now walk around with the muzzle of your favorite Disney character!!!


I personally have two toddlers at home. My little girl had to go to the doctor and it was required that we both wear face masks and it was a NIGHTMARE. She was scared and didn’t understand why she had this foreign object stuck to her face.


But now these adorable options will make it easier for children to wear face masks for their safety. They’ll just think they’re playing dress up!


And as for us adults, it has to be getting boring for some of you to wear the same old plain colored masks. Brighten up your own day with one of these cute masks!


I am personally partial to the Darth Vader mask, but I think it will be hard to refrain from making his breathing noises while wearing them!


You can even get your inner villainess out with this super accuraute Ursula mask!


There are so many options, we can’t even post them all here. So be sure to stop by Ambrie.com and see all of the amazing options they have for face masks right now!


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