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‘Dinosaurs’ Is Officially Streaming On Disney+ And I Couldn’t Be More Excited!

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Santa has took a peak at many of our Christmas wishlists and it turns out that Christmas is coming early this year, of course with the help of Disney+ that is.

Many fans were itching for the prehistoric-themed sitcom Dinosaurs to be released on Disney+ and it looks like we’ve finally gotten our wish.


According to Collider, executive producer Brian Henson has confirmed a release date for the popular 90s hit show to be streamed on the Disney+ streaming platform.


We can expect Dinosaurs to hit Disney+ on January 29th which means I have a new show to binge watch into the new year!


Now unfortunately the show’s release date is after Christmas, but hey, it’s an early Christmas miracle that we now know the exact release date and it’s also a great way to start the new year.


“I am. Although up until pretty recently it was on Hulu and it has had quite a following on Hulu. I think the audience will more easily find it on Disney+, which is terrific. It sits very well on Disney+. When they were divvying up what goes where, they eventually decided Dinosaurs should be over on Disney+. I think it’ll find a bigger and new audience base on Disney+, Henson stated to Collider.”

Brian Henson

For a total of 65 episodes and 4 seasons, Dinosaurs is a muppet-type show created by The Jim Henson Company which told a tale that revolved around the Sinclair family who happens to be a family of dinosaurs that live in the “modern world”.


Fans can now stream the popular sitcom on Disney+ beginning on January 29th and yes, we are all jumping for joy!


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