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This Video Shows How They Roll Out the Super Bowl Field to Get Sun and It’s Crazy Cool

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File this under a cool little piece of totally useless trivia that you can store in the back of your brain, and bring out at parties to impress all the badies.

They actually roll the Super Bowl field out to get a little sun, and it’s kind of really freaking cool!

What?!? They can do that?

Mind Blown, right?!?

Turns out, stadiums like the one they are playing Super Bowl LVII in is a multi purpose stadium.

That means that, while football is definitely played there, they use the space for other forms of entertainmenty-type stuff.

Think concerts, other athletic games, and pretty much anything else you would use a giant stadium for.

That being said, the football field actually moves — like it can roll all the flipping way out the door!!

I am so impressed right now. This changes absolutely nothing about my day, but it is totally the coolest bit of information I’ve heard today.

It really makes me want to Google what other stadiums do the same kind of thing.

You can watch the video of them moving the entire football field outside HERE.

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