Fans Are Saying Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance Was Underwhelming

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If you’re watching the Super Bowl chances are, you saw Rihanna’s half time performance.

While nearly everyone was super excited because fans believe she is pregnant with baby #2, lots of fans also expressed that they felt really “underwhelmed” by her performance.

When you compare the vibes and overall energy at the last few years of performances, I can see why people felt this year’s performance fell short…


Fans are literally comparing Rihanna’s performance to the JLO/Shakira performance from a few years back…

But keep in mind, IF Rihanna is actually pregnant, chances are, her low-key performance was made on purpose…

I mean, I am sure no doctor is going to pass off on her doing some crazy stunts or dances while being pregnant…

So, what do you think? Was her performance FIRE or was it a let down?

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