Hershey’s Has Hot Cocoa Kisses That Are Stuffed With Marshmallow Crème

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The Hershey company is brilliant and here’s why. They’ve created Hot Cocoa flavored Hershey’s Kisses and I wouldn’t want any other candy to celebrate the holidays with.

Am I also the only rare individual who likes to throw in a few Hershey’s Kisses in a cup of hot cocoa or does everyone else put whipped cream on the top instead? No? Just me, well you should try it!

Trust me on this, it makes the hot drink even more chocolatey.


Moving along from my hot cocoa life hack, Hershey’s has brilliantly decorated their Hot Cocoa Kisses in the most fabulous and holiday spirit sort of way.


Surrounding the aluminum foil is a dark chocolate base color with tiny white marshmallows covering the entire Hershey’s Kiss. They’re so neatly wrapped and creatively decorated, I don’t even want to unravel the candy!

But, I will, because I’m dying to taste that marshmallow Crème which by the way, is stuffed in the center of the Hershey’s Kiss.


Not to mention, the packaging has a giant mug of hot cocoa with huge marshmallows dunked into the cup. Does anyone else suddenly crave a large cup of steaming hot cocoa?

You can find them online at Walmart here (also check in-store too).


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