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My first Adventure!

armsupOkay, so part of this whole thing is that I need to be willing to bring my kiddo along on these sorts of hikes and adventures. So, I got to bring Halle along on my adventure with Tammy Kling today!

We drive SERIOUSLY like five minutes from my house to Grapevine Lake and found these amazing hiking trails. I was totally blown away at how nice it was, and my daughter and I both had a fabulous time. We hiked around the lake, took some great pictures, and we are totally going to do it again!

How did I not know these awesome hiking trails were right here?

I hiked two miles!

ME- TWO MILES! How frrockakkin cool is that?

We had such a great time that Halle wanted to bring something back. So, we found a rock, brought it home- and painted it!

I will definitely be doing this little adventure again. It’s way better than wondering around my neighborhood, that’s for sure.

Halle was a little shy around new kids at first, but she eventually started talking to them. She usually takes a bit to warm up to new people. Once she got to LEAD the hike, she was all over it.


Dude, Seriously… LOOK at that awesome Sky!



Saturday 18th of July 2009

Absolutely wonderful photos. Looks like a great time. .-= debbie´s last blog ..I think this is a Convenient Truth =-.


Saturday 18th of July 2009

How sweet - and what a great time together! Good for you! .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Favorite Posts This Week… =-.


Saturday 18th of July 2009

Fun! You're right, walking the neighborhood is nice, but it is definitely fun to feel like you took a little adventure somewhere.

The pedometer is a good idea, too. I started wearing one and was taken aback by how little I actually move some days!

Good luck on your next adventure! .-= dualori´s last blog ..The Nearest Book =-.

Rob Charron

Friday 17th of July 2009

Hi :) Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a terrific time. And also a great bonding experience with your daughter. I'm very happy for you on your ongoing quest. Love from Canada xoxo .-= Rob Charron´s last blog ..RKCharron: Author @dianarwallach needs help to get on Colbert Her vid is fantastic! :) =-.


Friday 17th of July 2009

Do you have a pedometer?! It would be great to have one while walking these trails (or anywhere) Whenever you go walking you just try to take more steps next time.

Beautiful area! Glad she showed you!