How to Make Homemade Ice Melt for Icy Walkways and Driveways

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Let’s make sure none of us slip on ice this winter!

Last year my roommate to took a tumble right outside of our apartment building and when I tell you she wasn’t happy, she was pissed, (and I don’t blame her)!

So while you may be ‘walking on thin ice’ while trying to defrost your car in the morning on your way to work, it’s one of everyone’s worst nightmare to slip on black ice just like my friend Isabel did.

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Rather than buying an expensive ice melt from the store, you can make it at home as soon as you notice the ice on your windowsill from inside your home.

It only takes three products you most likely already have lying around the house so just trust the process and I’ll guide you through it!

Starting with half a gallon of hot water from the tap, squeeze out several drops of Dawn soap.

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¼ cup of rubbing alcohol should do the trick and pour over icy areas immediately, and (carefully).

We don’t want to slip on the very sheet of ice we’re trying to melt people.

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Now let’s keep the slipping and sliding only on the ice rink this winter, and be safe rather than sorry; make sure to remember to coat the driveway or walkway this year that often takes the brutal front of a winter storm!

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